Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

AXES Conseil provides methodological assistance and / or technology in the diagnosis and evolution of information systems.


Pre-eminence of the Internet has reinforced the importance of an accurate definition of information systems technical architecture. The increasingly large and varied contents, the various middleware technologies to be implemented on the same environment, make essential analysis and preliminary definition of a scalable and resilient target architecture. AXES Conseil provides its large experience to private companies and public services to define information system architecture, including security issues, which is an increasing problem of Internet usage.


The services provided are mainly the following :

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of Architecture Information System. For this purpose, AXES Conseil has developed a method, the MINI AUDIT SIG™
  • Recommendations for changes in the SI, related to key technical components (operating systems, web components, tools, middleware, systems management databases, local and distant networks...)
  • Information system mapping
  • Recommendations concerning organizational structures, IT resources