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Information systems consulting : studies, IS consulting, GIS Consulting, Content systems management

Since 1988, AXES Conseil assists private companies and public agencies with strategy definition, design, management and optimisation of their information system.

Information system has become a key element for private or public companies and its control, an a factor of value increase. The economic performance demand of a world in perpetual motion, requires continuous search through information systems, in order to improve flow of data, indicators and organizational processes within short deadlines.

The diversity and constant evolution of computer technology led decision makers to ask for external expertise, to get an efficient decision making assistance.


In the above described context, AXES Conseil provides its expertise and skills in the strategic and operational definition, the evolution and the optimization of the information system of its clients with a specific skill in Geographic Information System.


AXES Conseil provides its expertise in accordance with the 4 following values :
Indépendance et neutralité


AXES Conseil has no commercial or capital link with the publishers or integrators of the domain.

AXES Conseil does not sell any software, thus ensuring its complete neutrality towards software vendors.

This neutrality allows us to advise and assist our clients with the utmost impartiality and objectivity, focusing on the expressed needs.

This independence has been a real strategy of the company since 1988.



AXES Conseil maintains a high level IT knowledge, thanks to :

  • Permanent technology surveys and investigations.
  • A strong partnership with le CXP, French leader of software evaluation.
  • Usage of technical components and software in clients context : proof of concept, build, tests,...


AXES Conseil is certified by AFNOR / AFAQ (Quality Management System AFNOR AFAQ 204). The main services commitments are :

  • A customized service.
  • Deadlines enforcement and reactivity guarantee.
  • Skills reliability.
  • High quality of studies presentation.


In the context of our missions, we systematically use an adapted framework, presented during project kick-off meeting. This includes setting up the organization of the mission and methods of analysis. The main objective is to provide faultless service to our clients, responding to expressed needs by optimizing costs and time.


To reinforce its field of expertise and needs of its clients, AXES Conseil has steady partnerships with :


Le CXP identifies comprehensive software providers and evaluates accurately their features, the characteristics of vendors, distribution networks and systems integrators. Its one-of-a kind methodology ensures true independence and provides an objective view to select the best software for clients information systems clients and their developments. This expertise is available through analysis and consulting services, to help projects management. Le CXP also publishes an electronic newsletter, l’Oeil Expert, dedicated to software market.



SCENARI is a consulting company specializing in organization and contract assistance for information systems and telecommunications projects. The firm helps organizations to set up their development projects, to conduct their bidding.



GeoSpective is a young innovative enterprise, specialized in the exploitation and processing of spatial and geographical information. It contributes to develop strategic projects for its clients. A visionary on the issues and the contribution of the space component, it harnesses this component to articulate multiple information and develop new studies. Thanks to a specific approach, GéoSpective is able to offer analyzes for utilities and road networks and other related fields. Implemented for ones of the biggest networks manager, such as GRTGaz, ENGIE, Les égouts de Paris (waste water services of Paris), Lille Métropole, etc. This approach made it possible to carry out diagnoses on data quality and to transfer existing data in dxf format to GIS format. Moreover GeoSpective is also developing a consulting activity concerning innovation on spatial data. It’s collaborating with start-ups and several public and private research laboratories to design innovative projects making use of this component.